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TKGA Report: Level 3, Swatch 19

In which I learn the painful lesson that sometimes it is better to defer judgement before deciding to re-knit something.

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My Designing Journey (Part 2)

In which I finish my story about what has led me to this point where I am declaring myself a knitwear designer for all the world to see.

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On the Importance of Blocking

Yes, I know. I used to avoid blocking, too. My "road to Damascus" moment came when I bound off my first lace shawl and was horrified at the crumpled mess. In desperation, I blocked it and transformed it into a delight. Come see what I'm talking about.

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My Designing Journey (Part 1)

For many years, I knit strictly from patterns. Most of the time I used exactly the yarn the pattern called for, too. I had no interest in designing my own patterns. This all worked out well enough until my friend, Patrice, cajoled me into learning how to spin.

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Why do I knit?

Or sew? Or spin? After centuries of having to obtain their clothing the hard way, people figured out how to get machines to do the tedious work for them, so when they didn't have to do it anymore, most people were happy to stop. But a few of us knit on, to the amazement of those who do not.

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